December 2014:

13: We end the showyear 2014 with the Swedish Winner in Stockholm. 25 kooikers entered and Dazzle went all the way to best female with CACIB ánd best of Breed, BOB. Will wanted to get some showexperience and showed Emma -who really looooves to do this-, they got 3th place!

November 2014:

1 and 2: Winnerseason has started!! A double CACIB show in Herning DK. Dazzle was entered and shown for the first time in championsclass. She won the first day with CACIB and BOS. The second day she became Danish Winner 2014 by winning best female again ánd BOS again.

14 and 15: 2 day show in Oslo. First Day Dazzle is 3th best female and 2nd day reserv best female

22 Clubmatch in Holland: We’ve entered Dazzle in the biggest Kooikerhondje event in the whole world and she wins it ALL!! Best in show of 176 Kooikerhondjes, judged by 4 breedspecialists!!!

Oktober 2014:

5: we had a ‘puppyreunion’ from the Flashlitter 2014 (Emma x Flits) So nice to see all the lovely youngsters again and very very satisfied with their development so far!!

12: CACIB Show Sundsvall Sweden. Dazzle has just turned 2 years old and can finally enter in open class to win a championship. She wins her class, best female AND BOB!! And gets her last needed CACpoint (the dog has to win at least one CAC after turning 2 years). Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Nordic Champion on one day!!

September 2014:

29: int CACIB Show on Åland (Finland) Dazzle wins her class, best female ánd Best of breed!

August 2014:

1: int show Jönköping, Dazzle 1th in her class with exc ck and res. best female with res CACIB and CAC

2: int show Jönköping. Dazzle 1th in her class again with exc ck and 4th best female!

3: int show Jönköping. Dazzle 1th in her class…again… exc ck and 3th best female!!

16: Kooikerclubshow Sweden, from 45 entries Dazzle wins title best female in Show BIS2!!!!! Sooo incredible proud on our little Dazzle, 2nd time this year she wins best of sort in a kooikerspecial with Dutch breedspecialists as judge.

July 2014:

26 int show in Ransäter SE. Dazzle wins it all and gets best of breed! CACIB and CAC

June 2014:

-14 the Flash-puppies move these days to their new forever homes. We enjoyed having them around for 8 weeks and I’m sure the new owners will love them to pieces. Rocket stays a little bit longer untill he can fly to the USA.

-21&22 at the int.shows in Vejen DK did Dazzle very well: 1th day excellent and lost from her sister Tess from Denmark. 2nd Day 1th place in her class with Exc-ck and res. best female with res CACIB and CAC

May 2014:

-18 Dazzle gets first place in intermediateclass with excellent and CK. She behaves a little bit insecure and that costs her the first place in the final, she gets 4th place. Not bad at all! The judge was very fond of her but did what he had to do, temperament is an important factor with kooikers.

-22 Emma get’s 2 medals with the mail. 1 for being the best showkooiker 2013 and 1 for being 3th best Rally-O Kooiker! Super to win the showkooikeraward 2 years in a row.

April 2014:

18 the puppies are born!! Emma and Flits are now parents to 5 beautiful puppies

March 2014:

-9/3 Dazzle wins her 3th CACIB in Strängnäs, Sweden

-26: Dazzle is tested clear on her eyes and Patella 0/0!!!

-26: Ultrasound on Emma proves she is expecting, due date 22 april 🙂

Feb 2014:

-Emma has mated with a dutch male: Smiley Flits van Dyjadin. We hope for easterpuppies!

-Dazzle wins her second CACIB 23th feb and is Best Female at the international show in Bø, Norway

Jan 2014:

-Dazzle, 15 months, wins her first CACIB point at MyDog in Gotenburg Sweden

-Emma’s C.I.B. (international showtitle) gets confirmed from the FCI in Brussels.